Elena Povolotskaya

Елена Поволоцкая Консультант по МСФО

IFRS consultant

Elena’s professional activity in the field of financial accounting began in 2007, as a trainee manager in the finance department after receiving a master’s degree in business management “MBA” (accounting and auditing) at the International University of Japan. For the period of work she was assigned various responsibilities in the field of management and financial accounting.


Projects on international audit of financial statements prepared under IFRS:

— LLC «Ishmi Geophysics»

— JSC «Azimut Energy Services»

— PU «Integra-Geophysics»

— FE LLC «CAMCE  Tashkent»

— Representation of the company «Geodon Richter»

— JSC «Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine»

— JSC «Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine».


EBRD projects in conducting and auditing financial statements prepared under IFRS in accordance with ISA:

— FE LLC «Asklepiy»

— LLC «Mexnat Pivo»

— LLC «Khiva Malikasi».