Marketing and sociological research

  • Marketing research is an essential part of a company's marketing system. Availability of complete and objective marketing information is one of the key factors determining the company's success in the market. Marketing research allows you to obtain the necessary information and reduce the risk when making important management decisions.


We provide the following types of research:


Analysis (review) of the market – study of the market of goods and services, supply and demand, consumer behavior, market conditions, price dynamics in order to better better promotion of  products on the market.


The result of the study will be a complete picture of the situation in the market of your industry, which includes:


  • Market Development Analysis
  • General Trend Analysis
  • Market Capacity Assessment
  • Analysis of production, import, export, consumption
  • Analysis of key market playersConsumer requirements analysis             


Market competitor analysis is the first mandatory step before developing a product marketing strategy. It includes a detailed study of the activities of the main players in the industry, which consists of price analysis, advertising, assortment and detailed SWOT analysis of competitors.

Proper analysis and assessment of the competitive environment of the enterprise allows you to create a sustainable competitive advantage of the product, choose right communication channels and reduce operational risks.


  • Analysis of key competitors
  • Price monitoring by key positions
  • Consumer / client rating of competitors' companies on a 10-point scale / according to the developed questionnaire
  • SWOT analysis of the company and key competitors

    Consumer analysis is an analysis aimed at studying tastes, differentiating the structure of needs by consumer groups, identifying unmet needs, motives for consumer choice of certain goods.


    This study provides an understanding of consumer preferences of existing and potential consumers, their requirements and attitudes towards the company's products. Consumer analysis shows the satisfaction and loyalty of existing consumers, and therefore allows you to adjust the marketing strategy of your company: improve pricing, adapt your products and services to consumer needs, optimize promotion channels and advertising policy.


  • Portrait of target audience
  • Product selection criteria
  • Sources of product information
  • Brand image in the eyes of consumers
  • Assessment of the level of customer satisfaction of the company (NPS index).

We also conduct marketing research in following areas:

  • Census of outlets
  • Retail audit of outlets


What tasks solve Census and Audit of retail outlets?

    • preparing a database of outlets in a given area,
    • general picture of the presence in the local market of goods of interest,
    • monitoring the work of distributors or your own employees,
    • assessment of the presence of goods (or products of competitors) in the territory,
    • analysis of the price range for the goods of interest,
    • evaluation of the effectiveness of promotions and advertising campaigns.


This service is useful for companies when they enter new markets. Census allows you to prepare an up-to-date database with complete and informative information about all trade points in a given territory, which will become your serious competitive advantage.

In addition, Census may be of interest to regional manufacturers to evaluate distributor performance. Census of all trade points in a given area with fixation of your company's products (or a statement of its absence) will give an objective picture of your presence in the territory.

Depending on the goals and objectives of the customer, census can be

      • complete (detailed study of all points in a given area). Needed during the first territory survey to collect information about the retail system.
      • selective, when only part of the shops is investigated. Required to deepen or update existing data.


The information obtained during census is the basis for

      • distribution networks or their modernization;
      • strategic marketing plans;
      • plans for the subsequent retail audit.


Retail audit of trade points (or retail audit) is carried out to check the availability of goods in retail chains and stores, the quality of display of goods, merchandising, price comparisons with competitors. Usually, Retail audit is carried out on the base provided by the customer through a personal visit to a retail outlet by the auditor.


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