Transformation and Consolidation

In the world financial community the IFRS is considered as the most developed accounting standards in the world. Especially it becomes relevant for the Central Asian financial market nowadays.

Baker Tilly provides broad range of professional services in area of IFRS:

  • Transformation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Consulting in adoption of IFRS
  • Methodical support in transformation of reporting to the IFRS
  • Planning and setup of accounting system in accordance with IFRS
  • Design and implementation of internal controls system within the entity
  • Development of accounting policy in accordance with IFRS

As experienced experts have noticed the application of IFRS provides unambiguous fair presentation of financial statements which could be basis for comparison and evaluation of financial position and financial performance of each entity within the group of companies to average industry ratios. The results of this comparison and in-depth analysis allows management direct action on track and achieve their goals. This leads a company to be more flexible and to be competitive.

Baker Tilly provides high quality services in area of IFRS, based on its own experience and experience of our partners and professional consultants in International Financial Reporting Standards. Our Company has impeccable reputation and is considered as a reliable partner.


We believe that our company can become your reliable partner.