Oil and Gas

Client: Gas station



Need for additional consumers data to design a new and effective marketing strategy for advertising campaigns.


What has been done:

Baker Tilly team conducted a survey of car owners in several cities of the Kyrgyz Republic, including Bishkek, Karakol, Osh and Jalal-Abad. In total 900 respondents were interviewed. A CAPI survey was used to collect information, i.e. the survey was conducted in the form of personal interviews using tablets.


The questionnaire included the following questions:

  • frequency of vehicle refueling and average bill
  • knowledge and recognition of different gas station brands
  • the reasons for choosing particular gas station
  • assessment of various factors
  • possible reasons for refusing from gas station services.



The information obtained allowed us to prepare a portrait of the target audience in the observed cities. The strategy of promotion of the company in the market was finalized on the basis of the processed data.