Marketplaces as the driver of E-COMMERCE. Kazakhstan

The retail e-commerce market was growing so fast, that it started to displace traditional retail market. The e-commerce retail market has CAGR of about 40% over the past three years. According to the research of Baker Tilly, the share of e-commerce sales in Kazakhstan in 2018 amounted to more than 3%, which indicates a significant growth potential. The results of 2018 indicate that TOP-30 players generated about 922 million US dollars and accumulated an increase of 43%. According to e-marketer research, the global retail e-commerce reached $ 3,535 billion, excluding sales of travel and event tickets. Worldwide growth amounted to 20.7% in 2019. The fastest growing region was the Asia-Pacific with an increase of 25%. Latin America and the Middle East & Africa has entered TOP 3 with an increase of 21.3% in both regions.

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