Non-state computer forensics

Computer and technical expertise in Tajikistan

The forensic services is conducted by specialists of the Baker Tilly in Central Asia in the field of 21.1RU “Research of information computer facilities”.

Specialists of our company are certified non-state forensic experts in the field of computer forensics and provide services in accordance with the norms of criminal, civil or arbitration procedural legislation of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan.

Types of computer forensics and related services

  • Forensic examination by order of the investigation or court order
  • Pre-trial computer forensic examination at the request of one of the parties
  • Pre-judicial or extrajudicial computer forensic examination at request of a notary as evidence
  • Non-judicial computer forensic examination at the request of an attorney, citizen or legal person
  • Consultation of a Specialist or Expert
  • Assistance of a specialist in formulating questions for forensic computer or information expert examination
  • Assistance of an expert for the proper seizure of data carriers, digital traces and materials; their correct inventory for inclusion in the case file, excluding subsequent forgery and any other interference with the digital copy of the seized data

Computer forensics examines computing equipment, its places of operation and electronic data carriers to extract and further analyze digital evidence relevant to the case at hand. As a result, a report on the conducted investigation or expert opinion is issued, indicating the methodology, tools and software and hardware used, information on the materials and objects provided for research, a description of the expert work performed and its results, conclusions and answers to the questions posed to the expert.

Baker Tilly’s methodology and the equipment used ensure the identity of digital evidence and electronic data, excluding intentional or accidental interference with the content of the original media, when performing non-state forensic computer-technical examinations. All works on examination and analysis of digital materials provided for expert examination are performed using specially created data copies, which are reproduced with byte accuracy on special equipment for digital media cloning.