About Baker Tilly in the Central Asia


BT in Central Asia is an independent member of the international audit network of BT International, which unites independent companies to provide professional services of the highest quality both in international and regional markets.

Our specialists have significant experience in the "Big Four" audit companies, are the holders and students of international certification programs ACCA, CIPA-EN, ISACA, certified auditors and appraisers of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as members of associations of accountants and auditors.

Компания Бейкер Тилли в Центральной Азии

Baker Tilly in the Central Asia includes:


We provide financial and IT audit, accounting, tax, strategic consulting and valuation services in the Central Asia since 2009, in accordance with International Standards of Auditing (the “ISA”), International Financial Reporting Standards (the “IFRS”), International Valuation Standards (the “IVS”) and local legislation requirements.

In the process of the audit, we build partnerships with our customers and immerse ourselves in all the details of their business.

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