Valuation Services

Fast changing market conditions compel businesses to be more dynamic and react quickly to external challenges. The promptness and correctness of decisions taken by the owner set the business development tempo and enable the owner to resolve successfully any issues his business faces. The very existence of business often depends on how quick and correct the owner's actions are.

Our professional team of highly qualified experts has been utilizing its professional knowledge, vast experience and creative approach to develop practical advice and solutions in the sphere of valuation and consulting in all sectors of economy. Our unique knowledge and experience, as well as innovative thinking and client-tailored approach enable us to tackle successfully   projects of any level of complexity.

Valuation services:

  • Estimation of companies, businesses and shares’ value;
  • Valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets (brands, inventions, know-how, licenses, customer bases);
  • Valuation of real estate;
  • Valuation of asset portfolios;
  • Valuation of assets for IFRS reporting;
  • Stock and PPE counts;
  • Investment valuation and financial modeling;
  • Valuation of movable property;
  • Monitoring of construction;
  • Revaluation of fixed assets.