Business Planning

Development of business plans

An effective business plan is one of the most important documents for a company or a startup project. The business plan is also a key document for obtaining a financing from investors, owner or international financial institutions.

Baker Tilly team of experts has a long-term experience in writing business plans for companies of all sizes in all sectors of economy. Experts work out a detailed structure of the business plan and goals of its development, identify the planning objects, consider the planning horizon, users and stages of development.

A significant part of the time is spent working with the owners or managers of company in order to identify goals, advantages and unique features of the project or the product.

Special attention is also paid to the development of “stress scenarios” that take into account criteria that are vital for the project. The boundaries within which the product or service will be in the consumption area for identified customers or buyers.

Ultimately, a well-designed business plan is a compelling document in which a manager or specialist within his or her area of expertise can obtain comprehensive information on future development prospects, and the investor receives accurate information on potential risks and projected returns.

We will prepare a business plan of any level of complexity in accordance with international requirements or with personal requirements of managers.