Business planning

Development of a complex of project documentation and assessment of the effectiveness of the organization’s activities at the stages of the project life cycle (planning period).

Types of business plan for development directions:

  • Business plan for opening a commercial enterprise.
  • Business development plan.
  • Business plan for reconstruction of production site.
  • Business plan for financial recovery of
  • Investment project of technical re-equipment (modernization of goods, technological process).
  • Business plan for obtaining a syndicated loan (corporate financing with the participation of borrowed capital, government subsidies, co-investors' funds).
  • Corporate (contributions of founders, the issuance of securities, retained earnings of current activities);
  • Mixed business plan.

Also, the company's specialists are developing the following documents:

  • Feasibility study of attracting external (borrowed) capital of the project;
  • Financial model of an enterprise, a separate business area or project

and provide services

  • Business valuation of the enterprise by the model of VAT.


We solve for you the following tasks:

  • Development of a logical-structural model of a business plan;
  • Assessment of the market potential of the project;
  • Determination of the scope, structure and sources of project financing;
  • Determination of the production potential (based on the reserve capacity utilization) planning;
  • Planning the necessary production (commercial) resources
  • Determination of needs and formation of the composition of project personnel;
  • Calculation of the cost and price of products (services);
  • Planning financial results;
  • Assessment of profitability and payback of the proposed activity;
  • Development of a decision on the implementation (adjustment, refusal to finance) of a business plan;
  • Developing a model and monitoring the implementation of a business plan.
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