Valuation services

Valuation of the business of an enterprise or company

On any stage of the development of a company it is important to have an accurate fair value of the assets, business and brand. This will allow the management of a company to make essential strategic decisions about the future of business, whether there is a need for change in development of production priorities or the provision of services, and even the cease of company’s operations.

Baker Tilly team of experts has an extensive practical experience in valuation services. We provide to our clients accurate and objective data in related to investment valuation, movable and immovable property valuation, valuation of the business’ value, its real market position and brand reputation for partners, consumers and competitors.

Based on large portfolio of successful cases in various areas of economy, our experts promptly advise the management of companies, paying special attention to the areas that are most at risk. The results of the valuation combined with consulting allow clients to set the right priorities at any given time and make the right management decisions.