Accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting services in Turkmenistan


Baker Tilly team has an extensive experience and a wide range of competencies in accounting and taxation in organizations and large businesses.

Our experts have a high degree of responsibility and are able to solve any problems associated with the setting of accounting, development of accounting policies in the organization, as well as the issues of HR maintenance.

Our unique experience has allowed us to develop our own approach to the effective solution of a huge number of routine issues, such as the closure of a month or a year, preparation of primary accounting documents, calculation of taxes and wages, as well as compliance of reporting and document management with financial, tax, administrative regulations and regional or international legislation.

We also provide a number of administrative services, such as support and optimization of business processes that are not core to the client’s business, thus helping to optimize the management of the company, focus on strategic objectives and development.

Working with us provides you the quality of services on the international level. In addition to saving money on the installation of accounting software, you are insured against unforeseen consequences of poor accounting and bookkeeping. Our clients get full confidence in the implementation of accounting of their organization at the highest level.