Food processing

Client: “Nestlé Uzbekistan” LLC


Client’s need:

Provision of consulting services, thorough analysis and monitoring of operations reflected in accounting, tax accounting and financial reporting in accordance with the regulations.



The project involved 4 staff members:

  • Project Manager
  • Auditor
  • Tax consultant
  • Corporate consultant

The client was advised on the requirements of legislation and the best business practices in financial and corporate governance. As well as analysis and monitoring of compliance with legislation, including:

  • study of the client’s compliance with the basic licensing requirements and provisions of the constituent documents;
  • review of corporate compliance and further recommendations for improvement;
  • monitoring the implementation of contractual discipline, including examination of effectiveness of the system and the appropriate documents in all material respects;
  • control over compliance with legislation on licensing, certification and other permits required for the client’s core business
  • monitoring of export-import operations, including compliance with monetary and banking discipline, customs and tax regulations, as well as contractual relations.
  • study of claims work performed by the client during the period is subject to consultation and analysis;
  • control over compliance with labour legislation based on the existence of internal regulations;
  • monitoring of other aspects of the client’s activities related to the subject matter of the contract on examination of financial accounting and financial reporting for compliance with the standards established by the legislation of Uzbekistan.



The client has received a full range of consulting services in conducting a thorough analysis and monitoring of transactions reflected in the accounting, tax accounting and financial statements prepared in accordance with the regulations.



Client: beer and soft drinks plant

Having reviewed the consolidated financial statements of a large industrial group, Baker Tilly helped to raise financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to build a modern beer and soft drinks plant. Over the past few years, the Baker Tilly team has been assisting in verifying financial statements and complying with the contract terms for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.