Trade and distribution

Metal Trading


Undertaking marketing research of the ferrous metal market to decide on the feasibility of developing a business project.


The work done:

Marketing research of ferrous metal market in the Kyrgyz Republic. The research included desk research and fieldwork. Information on market volume, demand and supply and key players was collected and analyzed.



Based on the data obtained, the Client decided to study the market in more details and develop a preliminary feasibility study to assess the effectiveness of the business and the appropriate amount of investment.


FMCG, retail

Baker Tilly was contracted by a foreign company as a consultant to conduct a site survey in Bishkek and Osh.

The study examined all functioning retail outlets in the project areas: shops (including stalls, supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc.) and HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, etc.).

The sensus results were presented to the Client in the form of a report, database and an interactive map. The customer was satisfied with the experience of joint work and re-contracted Baker Tilly to conduct a another survey. The obtained information about the outlets was used by the Client to monitor the activities of sales agents and adjust the sales policy of the company



Client: “Shiver Tajikistan”

Since 2017 Baker Tilly team has been auditing the financial statements of the international distribution company “Shiver Tajikistan” prepared in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards. These financial statements are used for consolidation in the financial statements of the group located in France.