Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting services in Uzbekistan

Baker Tilly strategic consulting team of experts conducts comprehensive work to define the prospects and the most successful development strategies for a company. Our experts consider current market conditions and perform a deep study of client’s business capacity.

Experts show deep business empathy in understanding of all the processes in a company, in order to identify areas that are most at risk and propose effective ways of development and problem solving.

Strategic consulting is very critical for a startup business. In this case, our experts turn the ideas of management and business owners into a successfully working strategy aimed at long-term development of a company.

By immersing ourselves into the client’s business, we help to setup internal and external communication processes necessary to achieve set goals and financial results. Right management decisions which are made by managers on the basis of the results provided by our experts help to effectively address financial and managerial issues.

The services of our experts will also be necessary in cases of production reorganization, launch of new products or services, as well as in attracting investments from private investors and working with international financial institutions.