Tax and Legal Newsletter, January 2024

From the 1st of January 2024 in Kazakhstan will begin universal declaration: first, the general directors and founders of legal entities, and individual entrepreneurs, (including the directors and founders who are not citizens of Kazakhstan) are obliged to submit the personal income/property declarations under the universal tax declaration scheme.

In particular, the Tax Code introduce the main aspects of the forthcoming universal declaration: now, for the submission of the Declaration of Assets and Liabilities (Form 250.00) and the Declaration of Income and Property (Form 270.00), there is a common deadline for submission – not later than 15 September of 2024. At the same time, these declarations will be submitted at the place of residence. The income and property declaration will have to indicate an individual’s income that is subject to independent taxation, excluding income already taxed such as wages, pensions and social payments. All other data will be automatically filled in on the basis of information obtained from the information systems of state bodies. It is assumed that 3.9 million people will be covered, individuals – managers of LLPs and IEs and their spouses, both citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and non-citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Tax and Legal Newsletter