Accounting and tax outsourcing

Tax reviews and consultations

  • We provide tax audit services, which include verification of the correct calculation of tax liabilities and reporting in accordance with the requirements of tax law, followed by the identification of tax risks or opportunities and recommendations to minimize/optimize tax risks.
  • We conduct pre-liquidation tax audits to ensure the efficient and quick liquidation of your company with no or minimal tax losses.
  • We assist with tax audits by government agencies prior to the issuance of a tax audit report by the tax authorities.
  • We conduct comprehensive tax due diligence on mergers and acquisitions, including pre-investment tax audits, identifying tax risks or opportunities and developing recommendations to minimize risks, and assisting with mergers and acquisitions.
  • We develop tax accounting policies or update existing tax policies in whole or in part in specific cases applicable to your business to meet legal requirements.
  • We provide general or specific tax advice, including but not limited to the following:
    • Corporate income tax.
    • Indirect taxes
    • Payroll-relateded taxes and social security benefits
    • International Taxation.


  • We help you take advantage of Kazakhstan’s digital transformation, which requires online billing and invoicing through the government portal or online document submission at
  • We believe that “digital sales” will increase your business productivity, profitability and information transparency with the right technology solution we offer our clients:
  • SAP Implementation of Electronic Bill of Lading (Ebills)
  • SAP Electronic Bill of Exchange (ESF) implementation
  • Implementation of SAP Statement 328 for EAS imports

We also support with revenue recognition and lease accounting standards, robotic process automation (RPA) deployment, enterprise performance management (EPM) upgrades, predictive analytics, and SAP Central Finance.