Monitoring and assessment of project effectiveness

Conducting evaluation and effectiveness of projects in Turkmenistan

To achieve a high level of business competitiveness, it is necessary to monitor projects with an independent assessment of project’s effectiveness. Timely identified deviations from the work plan, as well as identified risks will help avoiding costs and disruptions of the project or product into the market on early stages.

Baker Tilly performance monitoring and evaluation experts carefully study the actual status of the project and ensure the functioning of the internal project management system, which includes a set of IT solutions and regulatory framework.

Based on the results of the monitoring, we provide an independent assessment of the project’s status and progress, reliable information on the current status of the project, existing problems and reasons of their occurrence indicate current and potential risks to project’s success.

We form the list of procedures for the regular monitoring of the project and give comments on the optimization of the schedule and budget of the project.

Our experts conduct training seminars for project participants to achieve maximum effect from the implemented monitoring and control system.


Evaluation of project effectiveness

Upon completion of the project, Baker Tilly experts start the evaluation process.

The purpose of the assessment is to check compliance of the completed project with the developed plan. The results of the assessment allow to analyze the effectiveness of the project team, the reasons for achievement or non-achievement of the planned results.

Assessment of the effectiveness of the project allows to make a right conclusion and promptly correct further management decisions.